Jun 012014

Dressed MV is the #1 guide to fashion and style for men and women

by Teia Risson

Dressed MV fashion magazine on Martha's Vineyard

September 2013 Issue
Looks: Karen Trotier of Menagerie
Models: Maggie and Zaneta
Hair: Trena Morrison
Photography: Greer Rivera Photos

The island has reared its sleepy head unleashing a barrage of color and general splendor with the arrival of summer. Business owners are already knee-deep in preparations to ready their boutiques, stores and restaurants for the onset of visitors that will flock to Martha’s Vineyard for Memorial Weekend. It’s extremely refreshing to catch sight of all the hustle and bustle; traffic has increased while parking spaces are far and few between, the delivery guys are pulling their trolleys stacked with boxes filled with the latest fashions for men and women and jaded window displays have all been re-dressed to show off the newest looks for the week.

The ‘act of shopping’ always seems to be on the list of things to do while on vacation. This glorious activity allows one, mostly the woman and a few of her BFF’s, to explore the quaint towns of Martha’s Vineyard and peruse the island’s best fashions. After a few gourmet iced coffees, a lazy outdoor luncheon and a few outfits with matching accessories later, you have just realized a few things: One- You’ve only been to one town and are secretly plotting to hit the others tomorrow. Hopefully after a long day at the beach and before the start of the late afternoon cocktail. Two- you wished there was some sort of fashion guide on island as to what boutiques should not be missed and Three- you can’t wait to get back to the hotel and figure out what you are going to wear to dinner tonight from all of your purchases!

Dressed MV is the island’s newest publication, a glossy magazine dedicated to bringing men and women the latest fashions and styles of the month from a variety of stores and boutiques on the island. One will take delight in the featured beauty products, hair styles, clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories and more. Before you get Dressed, Getting Dressed and Where to go after you are Dressed on MV is the idea behind this highly anticipated magazine. Dressed MV debuted its premier issue in September of 2013.


Keep an eye out for the first issue of the 2014 summer season, scheduled to arrive on island the first week of June. For more information, please visit the website: www.dressedmv.com and/or their Facebook page: Dressed MV. For all comments/inquiries: Please email dressedmv@gmail.com

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