Aug 062017

Music Under a Full Moon

by Aley Lewis

Remember dressing up for costume parties, Halloween, or themed birthday parties as a child? Now imagine doing that in your adult years…. but only once a week and at your favorite bar on the Vineyard. Sounds like fun, right? Whether you’re into the party scene or not, The Seafood Shanty in downtown Edgartown is the perfect place to satisfy your summer palate for thirst quenching drinks in an entertaining atmosphere.

Although The Shanty is one of downtown Edgartown’s most popular restaurants by day, by night it transforms into a stellar nightlife destination, complete with a DJ, patio, and indoor bar on the upper level creating the perfect location for “Theme Thursdays”.

Creating an addicting nightlife cocktail, not only will these themed parties keep you coming back every week, but The Seafood Shanty provides the props for the theme sparing the stress of finding proper attire.

Manager extraordinaire and “Theme Thursdays” connoisseur, Mathew Byrne has been thinking of themes every week for years.

“When we first started doing the themes, my expectations were that we would throw a couple theme parties every summer. They ended up becoming so popular, and the summer is so short, that we decided to do one a week. So we did, and it worked” says Byrne.

Coming up on Thursday, August 3rd marks the annual We’re Not Good Enough for the Yacht Club Party. Raid your dad’s closet and put on those Yacht club dud’s. Think Ted Knight in CaddyShack! Only without the money to buy yourself in. Party in honor of the truly snobby or make fun of them…we have lost track of which one it is.

With other parties in the past such Shanty Prom, Olympics and Labor Day Luau, the Theme Thursdays at the Shanty are guaranteed to bring you back to the dress up days (with an adult twist).

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