Aug 122013

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The storm that has been brewing for several weeks now is fully upon the Vineyard with the arrival of the Obama family yesterday. For the rest of this week, President Obama and his family as well as their entourage of security and national advisors, will be trying to get some rest and enjoy one of the last weeks of summer 2013.

Obviously there are lots of differing views on the kind of job that the president is doing with the country. There is also a huge spectrum of opinions regarding his third MV vacation in the last four years. You’re just as likely to find someone who’s frustrated about the traffic and increase of tourists as you are to find an extreme fan who is planning on “following” the Obama’s wherever they go.

This article is for the latter, or at least people that fall towards that side of the spectrum. It’s not everyday that you’re going to be in reasonably close proximity to the most powerful man in the world. Having a go-to “I saw the POTUS on Martha’s Vineyard” story will in all likelihood, top any and all stories your friends have about seeing famous celebrities.

Before we get going, please realize that none of these places are set in stone. I’m not in charge of the president’s vacation itinerary, at least not yet. Despite the large entourage of secret service agents following him wherever he goes, President Obama and his family will likely try to keep things as secretive as possible. There’s definitely going to be rumors on the street, some of which will be true while others will be dead ends.

Farm Neck Golf Club

First off, let’s go with the first confirmed presidential sighting. Presidents in general tend to be avid golfers, and Obama has proven to be no exception. So it’s not surprise that he spent some time on Sunday golfing at Farm Neck in Oak Bluffs, one of the island’s premier golf clubs.

Now granted that he’s already played there, maybe he won’t be back again this year. But considering how much of a sportsman and golf nut he’s proven to be, I feel confident there’ll be at least one more story about the president teeing off in Oak Bluffs. If not Farm Neck, he could also potentially golf at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown.

Farm Neck is a semi-exclusive golf club, so anyone visiting with hopes of seeing the president should be prepared to dole out some serious cash. Fancy attire is also a must here, although golf isn’t the only thing Farm Neck offers. You can also play tennis or enjoy some food at the Farm Neck Cafe if you’re deadset on trying to see the president here.

The Beach

No trip to the Vineyard is complete without some beach time, so it’s a very safe bet that the Obama’s will at one point or another enjoy some down time on the beach. Unfortunately, chances are probably fairly high that it will be a private beach and secret service guards will be the only other people welcome there.

With the first family taking up residence in Chillmark, odds are high that they will be spending some time on an secluded up-island beach. If they do choose to go public though, a great choice would Menemsha Public Beach. Easily the most beautiful sunset spot on the island, Menemsha Beach also offers a great selection of fish markets and traditionally gets a round of applause by beach-goers at the conclusion of sunset.

It is more likely though that the Obama’s beach time will take place in a more secluded area where they can’t be seen by the public. Somewhere like Lucy Vincent Beach or Squibnocket Beach could be more likely.

Bunch of Grapes Book Store

Press Secretary Jay Carney has actually hinted that President Obama could potentially show up at a bookstore to pick up some summer vacation reading. There are a couple different book stores on the island but Bunch of Grapes is noteworthy for having already been visited by the President during his vacation here in 2011.

Located on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, it’s a certainty that Obama visiting here would greatly increase the traffic of what is usually a quiet little town. It could also be quite the plug for a lucky author if word gets out on the book or books he decides to buy.

Beach Plum Inn/ Nancy’s Restaurant 

With his home for the week reportedly costing $7 million, President Obama is showing that he probably won’t be afraid to spend some money during his time here. This means that the first family will likely make some restaurant owner’s summer by paying them a visit and bringing in an insane amount of business.

Located in nearby Menemsha, the Beach Plum Inn is not only an inn but it also has one of up-island’s finest restaurants. Many rich and famous people choose to dine here which would make it well equipped to serve the president.

The Obama’s have also previously gone to Nancy’s Restaurant alongside Oak Bluffs harbor back in 2010. Nancy’s not only has a gorgeous view of the harbor but a nice rooftop and a good amount of room for the president and those who follow him.

So those are my suggestions for possible places the president could visit. You never know what could happen though so be sure to keep your eyes open this week and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a presidential or first family sighting!

-James Reagan



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