Jun 292013

One World Trading Co. Brings Together Both Local and Wordly Treasures

by Ashley Amato

One World Trading Co, Edgartown, Martha's VineyardStep foot into One World Trading Co. and your senses will be bombarded with rich colors and patterns. When your eyes navigate through the abundance of goods, you’ll find bright fabrics, beads, silver, and much more.

Lori Katsounakis, owner of One World Trading Co., began collecting ideas when traveling to Ecuador and Guatemala, importing items for inventory. Katsounakis now attends large trade shows in Boston and New York City to select ethnic themed pieces for the shop.

“We have so much to see. Every time you come in you can probably see something else,” says Katsounakis.

One World Trading Co., previously Third World Trading, aims to find a variety all natural fiber clothing from around the world. From silk, to hemp and linen, everything is free trade. There is also an assortment of locally made items from Martha’s Vineyard and Rhode Island. Both their stained glass and handblown earrings are from local artists while the world toys and musical instruments are from across the globe.

Natural fiber clothing at One World Trading Co, Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard“There are things from all over the world. Just growing up here my whole life, I don’t think you would find them other places. I see a lot of stuff in here that I think is really unique” says one seasoned customer.

Differing from many shops on Martha’s Vineyard, One World Trading Co. began as a winter shop for locals. It is now open year round, thanks to many year-long residents who have claimed it as a favorite.

“You see a lot of the same faces and customers” says Katsounakis. But the storefront’s bright, catchy appearance attracts many who pass by, reflecting the distinct cloths, jewelry, and toys inside.

One World Trading Company in Oak Bluffs, MAThere are plenty of unique items for anyone in the family, ranging from beautifully patterned sarongs to embroidered indian shirts for men. While adult’s tied dyed leggings are stacked in one corner, a rainbow of kids clothes are hung in another. Big beaded necklaces cascade from the ceiling amongst painted wooden birds and paper lanterns.

One World Trading Co. has an endless array of handcrafted boutique items, clothing, jewelry, and more. The sensation of exotic scents and vivid colors will not be found elsewhere on the island. Although the items are plentiful and varied, they share the same high quality and bohemian features that have kept the store around for over twenty years.

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