Aug 062017

by Madeline Smith

The BIG news here is not the Menu item (we all know that the Ritz has great food) but that price! Com’on, who sells a Lobster Roll for $13? The Ritz..that’s who and its by far the cheapest price for a Lobster Roll on Island. Having recently recreated their menu, the Ritz, who are known for their incredible live music nightly, are certainly grabbing our attention with this awesome deal. To begin with, the base is a hot dog bun (the perfect amount of bread not to overshadow the Lobster) grilled to perfection that creates a bed for a handful of bright green, crunchy lettuce. Then, hefty chunks of lobster meat, mixed with mayonnaise and black pepper to enhance the flavor of the luscious crustacean, are generously stuffed on top of the lettuce. A side of fresh potato chips accompanies this dish, all for just $13. This is a lobster roll sent straight from the heavens.

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