Aug 122017

by Diane Alter

Would you like to know how it feels to fly like a bird or dive like a dolphin? If so, flyboarding is the answer.

A flyboard is a brand of hydroflight device that supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard into the air to perform an increasingly popular sport known as hydroflying. A flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up into the air or dive headlong through the water.

Without question, flyboarding is the closest thing to feeling like a superhero.

MV OceanSports professionals will teach you how to fly safely over Martha’s Vineyard’s beautiful blue waters for an experience that is unforgettable and thrilling. Anyone under 300lbs, from age 8 to 80 can Flyboard…and they have, and they do. The staff has flown over 1600 people to date of all ages and abilities. If you can balance on one foot you can Flyboard. Can you balance on one foot? Then what are you waiting for?

Looking at the board, the first impression is that this is something straight out of a science fiction film. Yet the science behind it all is surprisingly simple. The rider wears a life jacket and a helmet for safety, and stands strapped into a board, much a like a small wakeboard, which is connected to a jet-ski with a pipe, which pumps water into the board.

The jet-ski engine supplies the power to pump the water and into the board. That’s what propels it upwards. A skilled instructor will be on the jet-ski controlling the pressure.

MV OceanSports instructors will teach novices how to fly safely and guide those with some experience. Safety at all times is most important to MV OceanSports. That’s why altitude and speed are subject to weather conditions and judgement of only MV OceanSports. Safety helmet and life jacket are mandatory. Located at the Oak Bluffs Harbor, a flyboarding experience with MV OceanSports is sure to be the highlight of your trip to the Vineyard. That’s a tall order, but one the MV OceanSports crew aims to deliver. Come Fly with them!

Oak Bluffs Harbor
Dockside Marina
Oak Bluffs
(508) 693-8476

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