Aug 142016

MV Comedy Fest

Laugh your way to the Lampost for a comedy filled night

“Everyone needs to keep laughing because laughter is great medicine”

Aley Lewis

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Knock Knock. Who’s there? Comedy Fest. Comedy Fest Who?  The largest and funniest Comedy Fest on the Vineyard, that’s who!

Whether you’re old or young, tall or short, you name it…everyone needs a good laugh. There isn’t a better way to enjoy a great night of laughter than attending Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Festival paying a visit August 8-11, and 15-18 at The Lampost in Oak Bluffs.

Created and produced by Steve Capers, The Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest is visiting for the sixth year in a row. With a widely acclaimed line- up including Vanessa Fraction, John Henton, Gary Johnson, Marvin Dixon, DJ Dolla Bill, Rudy Rush, and headliner Damon Williams, Capers is hoping for another successful set of shows on the Vineyard.

Celebrating African-American cultural pride, the fest is more than just an event. Promoting social interaction among African-Americans, it brings people together to enjoy well tailored, sensible comedy under one roof.

Sponsored by HBO, MV Comedy Fest was highly successful in years past with several nights selling out at a time. Vineyard residents and visitors have raved over the profanity-free comedy the fest brings to the island. When compared to other comedy shows, Capers makes it clear to his performers to base their comedy off of real life situations, and not off insults and obscene language.

“I tell people that we’re the most prestigious comedy fest in the nation. We take great honor in holding that title because we’re a different brand of comedy. We’re not there to insult people, just there to make fun of trends and politics and talk about whatever comes to their comedian minds”, says Capers.

Out of all the places to hold a comedy festival, why the Vineyard for the past five years? Not only does it hold a special place in Capers’ heart as a family vacation spot, but the island has a wide variety of culture and happenings with everything but comedy. He realized that stand-up comedy wasn’t being addressed on the island, and saw this as an opportunity.

“I put my resources into it and surpassed our three-year goals in year two. We are already planning 2018 with bigger name comedians”

If you’re looking for a great night of comedy in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard,  buy your tickets for Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest before they sell out!

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