Aug 062017

Let the Splendid Sounds of Local Musicians Fill Your Ears with Music on the Square

by Brittney Wright

For the perfect summer evening, you really need three things: good company, great ice cream, and awesome  music. Hopefully, you surround yourself with nice people, and since there really isn’t bad ice cream to be had on the island, that leaves the search for one thing – music that will make you tap your foot to the rhythm of that mellow summer night’s melody.

As the crowds that gather outside the Vineyard Square Hotel in Edgartown will tell you, that perfect summer soundtrack is playing live every Thursday night from 6pm to 8pm at Music on the Square. Grab a scoop from Mad Martha’s, invited a friend or two, and take a seat at this free outdoor concert. If you aren’t already smiling and laughing at the handfuls of children who turn this event into their own dance recital, it won’t take more than a few songs to send your spirits soaring.

When asked how Music on the Square really got started, Elizabeth Eisenhauer, owner of the Eisenhauer Gallery and coordinator for Music on the Square, explained: “The idea was to give people all kinds of art, to stimulate them in all kinds of ways.”

Beginning in 2000, the same year that this gallery in the Vineyard Square Hotel opened, the event really functions as a way to bring art into the community in an uplifting and family-oriented way. The fun of it lies in the way Music on the Square brings the arts to life; you might not realize right away that the children dancing, the spectators clapping, and your foot tapping are all contributing to the joyous atmosphere just as much as the music is.

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to unwind after spending your day getting a little sunburned and biking around half of the island, then take a seat with your ice cream and let the smooth sounds of local musicians fill your ears.

The schedule varies over the course of the summer but includes such talent as The Mike Benjamin Band, Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish, and Jon Zeeman . What they all have in common is an incredible musical talent, and the tried-and-true ability to make your summer evening as relaxed and upbeat as possible. 

The musical backdrop outside is perfect for taking a peek inside the Eisenhauer Gallery, whose doors open right onto the square; whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, there are enough eye-catching pieces inside to thrill any visitor.

Music on the Square really exists “to give back to the community by uplifting them,” says Eisenhauer. Next time you’re taking an evening stroll through Edgartown, enjoying a cone with your family or friends, listen for the faint notes of a guitar or a saxophone wafting down the street. You might be surprised at how peaceful and cheerful you find yourself feeling, although you shouldn’t be surprised at all – after all, the combination for a perfect summer evening relies on good company, great ice cream and awesome music.

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