Aug 052016

The Vermont Sound & Fury Hits the Wharf

Nick Macksood


There’s a game I like to play called, What’s the Most Embarrassing Pandora Channel That You’ll Admit To Liking? Mine is a mix of early 2000’s pop rock, led by bands like Lit or No Doubt. But on of Vermont’s homegrown bands, The Conniption Fits could easily slide right alongside a lineup that one.

In fact, they have. The Conniption Fits, led by Stevens Blanchard on guitar and vocals, have made an extensive career of bringing their high-octane energy to the stage wherever they play. Whether it’s opening for Weezer, The Wallflowers, or Kings of Leon, The Fits can hold their own with anyone. And luckily for the people of Edgartown, The Conniption Fits will hit The Wharf on August 4th and 5th for back-to-back performances.

The trio formed in 2003 is rounded out by Jaimly Hosley on bass and Shawn Snyder on the drums. Their influences run the gamut from Public Enemy to Eve6–and it shows. The band’s attitude and their stage presence are a mixture of confidence and fun; their sound is top notch. Hosley and Snyder’s rhythm section holds down the beat with an iron kick drum and bass as their energy threatens to spill out into oblivion. Blanchard’s vocals and choppy licks on the six string keep in tune with his band mates and provide a sound that–somehow–is now considered nostalgic.

The success of Blink 182’s recent album has proved the legitimacy of that genre; even still, pop rock’s hiatus of fifteen years or so hasn’t stopped the Conniption Fits from consistently touring around New England and releasing three albums, 2006’s Airplane Rides, 2009’s Heaping Helping of Perspective, and 2012’s Friends with Benefits & Cash. Each is a little different than the other, the band allowing itself to organically grow in tone rather than stick to a familiar style.

So grab a friend and hit the Wharf on August 4th-5th to catch what might be a part of the renaissance of pop-rock. The Conniption Fits will continue their New England tour after their dates and make return appearances at the Wharf again September 4th-5th.

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