Aug 172013

Serving a Sweet Slice of the Island Since 1887

by Caroline Cardoso

Murdick's FudgeBeginning on Mackinac Island in Michigan, Murdick’s Fudge has been spreading their treats for over 125 years. Over fifteen different flavors from Cape Cod cranberry, to the classic chocolate fudge, every fudge maker works day and night to prepare what is known as the Island’s famous fudge. Those who have never had a bite are truly missing out; but very sweet pays its price!

“It is absolutely addictive” Murdick’s Fudge customer Patty said. “I wish I knew the secret of how [they] make such great fudge.”

Murdick’s Fudge has always been the place to be— whether you are a tourist or a local. With the fresh aroma of chocolate and peanut butter fudge filling the air, it is almost impossible to not get hooked with only one foot in the door. Made on the premises, the fudge has a long shelf life and can be frozen.

The process of creating this famous fudge requires nothing but the workers full attention and complete persistence— maybe if you’re lucky you can get a sneak peek at the process itself at any of their three store locations on the Island in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, or Vineyard Haven! Starting by melting and hand stirring every ingredient in large copper pots, the workers prepare to pour the base onto cold marble tables with frames forming the mold of the fudge. Before the fudge cools, any additional toppings are added like nuts perfectly finishing the finally touches. After the cooling process has ended, the fudge is cut and ready for sale.

Making fudge at Murdick's FudgeAccording to general manager Mike McCourt, keeping the quality of the fudge tip top is the most important element. “We have a lot going on around here, you’re always busy and doing something,” McCourt said. “The overall look and feel of the company is very important; we’re in here for the long run.”

With the same original recipe since 1887, Murdick’s Fudge keeps their freshly made fudge, peanut brittle, chocolate nut clusters, and bark on point with all natural ingredients and no artificial flavoring. A mixture of heavy cream, light cream, and all natural sugar are the three essential indigents needed to create the creamiest fudge on Martha’s Vineyard. Winning awards for Best Fudge in Michigan and Boston, Murdick’s never lets a customer down with their famous candy treats.

According to McCourt, there is nothing better than working with the Murdick’s Fudge crew. “Everyone has their job and every year the standards are risen and eventually perfected,” McCourt said. “Being sharp with customers is important, so along with the persistence of the fudge making, customer service is also key.”

Between the baking and creation of Murdick’s treats and the preparation required to create them, a sweet tooth is not far from heaven in this shop! While strolling through Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, or Vineyard Haven, don’t forget to stop by Murdick’s Fudge for a treat or quick bite of the Island’s purest fudge.

(508) 627-8047
21 N Water St, Edgartown, MA

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