Aug 062017

As the Range and Sophistication of E Bikes Expands, so does their Fan Base

by Dirk Leisure

When you first meet the owner of electric bike shops, MV E-Bike and Pedego Martha’s Vineyard, Jordan Wallace, two things are immediately obvious. He has a deep knowledge of his industry and he is very passionate about it.

The two go hand in hand. But in a new and evolving technology, it is a vital part of why people visit Jordan for electric bike sales and rentals. He has the answers to all their questions and some to questions they don’t even know they will ask yet.

“How far does it go on a charge?” is frequently the first question most ask. The answer depends on the model of bike, as well as many variable’s such as how much you use the peddle assist feature and how many hills. But the answer most want to hear is that it will take you around the whole island.

It will.

These bikes have progressed to the point that they have roughly the same range as a Nissan Leaf Electric car–approximately 80 miles on a single charge. That is plenty to get you were you want to go on an island where the furthest point is just 17 miles away.

Jordan carries many brands and models. However, most of his fleet is made up of the two he considers the best on the market. They are the A2B at MV E-bikes, Located at 15 Circuit Ave Ext. where Jordan has operated the store for the past 4 years, and the Pedego at the exclusive high end Pedego Martha’s Vineyard shop a block away at 9 Oak Bluffs Ave across from the Flying horses Carousel. Newly opened this summer, Pedego Martha’s Vineyard is great addition that Jordan is excited to bring to his customers.

A2B is a German designed leader in the industry with two models: the Ferber and the Alpha plus. They meet the needs for Jordan’s rental fleet. With a governed speed of 20 mph and three power settings that allow riders to choose the range they wish to travel, both are perfect for the island.

“A2B was recently bought by Hero Eco Inc, the leading company on 2 wheel electric transportation, including Motorcycles,” Jordan explained. “That’s when we became interested in them”.

Pedego, an American manufactured brand that is enormously popular, is now offered exclusively on the Vineyard by Pedego MV where you will only find their brand. There is no need to look any further.

With models ranging from the classic beach cruiser to the new Trail Tracker (the Fat Tire Bike shown in photo), Pedego is quickly becoming the coveted brand. They even have a tandem (built for 2) and trike’s (3 wheeler). These, however, are not yet available for rent. According to Pedego website, “When we say Pedego bikes are the best, it’s really just bragging. But, when our customers say it….it’s proof!”

Electric bikes operate in three ways. You can peddle them like a normal bike; you can use the throttle and let the electric engine carry you; you can do what most people do and employ the peddle assist feature. To do this, simply start peddling and the electric engine will kick on and assist you. Using this method, you get some exercise but you also get a little help. It really is that simple and surprisingly easy. There is no noticeable bulk or balance difference due to the battery.

Some of the great benefits of renting electric bikes are that you can take them on the bike paths, you can park them anywhere, there is no need for gas and you don’t have to wear a bulky motorcycle helmet.

Most notable perhaps is that thus far there is a zero percent accident rate in the four years that MV E Bikes has been operating. “That won’t last forever,” said Jordan. “But we like to think that the rate is so low because our staff does a great job of teaching people how to use these sophisticated bikes and the bikes themselves are very safe”

One of the great things about Jordan’s shop’s, is that if you have ever been curious but not quite ready to plunk down the considerable price tag for an E bike, here is your chance, for a nominal daily fee, to use someone else’s bike. That way you can see if the passion that captured Jordan so many years ago is contagious enough to lead you on your own path to an ecofriendly and fun new lifestyle.

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