Jul 282013

Grab a Dinner and Watch the Sunset

by Shannon Hurley

fresh-fishDown on Dutcher Dock, among the crowds of Jaws-loving tourists and excited beach-goers, you’ll find the fishing industry hard at work and an abundance of fresh, wild seafood unloaded from boat to market to mouth in a few minutes time. And that’s what visitors to Menemsha Fish Market have come to expect.

Celebrating its 10th season, the market is owned by fisherman and former Chilmark shellfish constable Stanley Larsen, who keeps the lights on at Menemsha Fish Market year-round, largely through the hard work of his own family and support of friends and neighbors.

“Hard to believe how fast ten years can go by,” says Larsen, “this past winter was great.”

Utilization of social media increased the fish market’s visibility to winter residents and helped it to stay on the minds of offisland summer visitors urging return trips and sometimes necessitating fresh seafood shipments via UPS. Apparently, pictures of succulent seafood and beautiful beaches grab attention, and thankfully for Larsen attracted business during the often slow and cold winter months.

mussels“The hardest time is during the winters, especially the latest recession,” says Larsen. The successful winter ramped the market up for its 10th summer and renewed Larsen’s resolve to support local fisherman and provide customers, local and visiting, with the freshest seafood experience possible.

And that’s what can be found in the Cape Cod-style cottage in which the market is housed, right off the Menemsha Harbor dock and a stone’s throw from Larsen own lobster boat the Chili Dog. Visitors can sit out back and watch the harbor at work and play, fishermen on the jetti, the coast guard, and if their lucky a gorgeous sunset. All while dining local.

A set up so nice, you might find it hard to leave. Larsen does, and he’s in Menemsha all day, every day. His advice? “Go hang out at the docks and wait for the boats, sit on the beach for a while and walk around town,” says Larsen, “Grab a dinner and watch the sunset.”

Whether its hot or cold lobster rolls, clam chowder or lobster bisque, local shellfish, homemade lobster quesadilla or seafood chimichangas that pique your palate, Menemsha Fish Market has it, fresh and affordable.

About 10 am to sunset during the summer.
54 Basin Rd, Chilmark, MA 02535
(508) 645-2282
Credit or Cash.
Parking lot.
Indoor & outdoor seating.
Take-away available.

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