Aug 232017

by Dirk Leisure

TW – It’s pretty hard to get a coveted Bartending position your first year here. Were you a bartender before you got here?
JaYne – Yes, I did a little bit back in Hingham

TW – What’s your most embarrassing moment behind the bar?
Jayne – Oh my gosh…one time I was pulling one of the droughts and it sprayed right in my face in front of everyone. It was a full bar and it was super embarrassing. Everyone was looking at me like “this girl doesn’t know what she is doing”

TW – Whats the dumbest thing you have seen a customer do?
Jayne – Some guy took his shirt off. Then he came up to me and asked me if he could have a shot! I was like “no, I can give you a water though”

TW – Every bartender has a drink they have invented or tried to invent. Whats yours?
Jayne – Ok, so I came up with this shot the other day that’s kind of fun. It’s Blueberry Smirnoff, Absolute Citronm a little bit of triple sec and a little bit of sour mix and tiny bit of blue curacao for color and its called a Blueberry Lemonade shot.

TW – Sounds pretty good actually!
Jayne – People really like them! Come in and try one.

TW – What’s the best and the worst pick up lines that have been tried on you while you were working?
Jane – One guy just asked me to marry him. I was like NO! That was the bad one. There really isn’t one that is good but one that might have worked but not really. I was telling this guy about a shot I was making and he was well what if I don’t like it? do I get it for free? I said “well I don’t have the authority to give it to you for free” and he was like “well, then if I don’t like it, can I have your number?”

TW – Pretty sly. Ok. So, last question, if you could have a drink with 3 people (dead or alive) who would they be?
Jayne – Ahhhhhh, oohh… Probably Obama… who else, Rihanna, and Seth Meyers

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