Aug 252017

by Dirk Leisure

From: West Palm Beach Florida
First Season on the Vineyard

This Week: What is the most embarrassing moment behind the bar this summer?
Danielle Castelli: I have these two regulars that come in all the time and they ordered the filet and it came out as sirloin and they didn’t want it. I felt really bad because they are real regulars.

TW: That’s not very embarrassing, last weeks bartender had a beer tap explode all over her. Now that’s embarrassing.
DC: Oh yeah, that happens all the time to me!

TW: What is the dumbest thing you have seen a customer do this summer?
DC: When our popcorn machine wasn’t working, these two regulars came in with a bag of their own popcorn and put it in a bowl. They actually asked for the bowl and then poured it in.

TW: Every bartender has a drink they have made up, what’s yours?
DC: Three olives Watermelon Vodka with fresh cucumbers and soda water. Wow, that sounds delicious. You should come up with a name for that and put it on your drink menu! 

TW: What’s the best and worst pick up lines used on you while working?
DC: The worst one was when this guy asked me for a “to go” box and then asked me if I can come with him in the to go box.

TW: That’s pretty bad! ..and the best?
DC: I don’t know..probably the best one is when they leave a good tip on a credit card receipt and then put their phone number next to it. It’s not really a good pick up line but it comes with a good tip, so…

TW: Whats the best way to get a bartender’s attention?
DC: Don’t do this (snaps fingers) don’t say “miss”, don’t clap your hands! Probably the best way it to just slurp your empty drink. Its kind of funny, I’m like “I see you”. I am constantly scanning the crowd and I notice people who have finished drinks.

TW: How do you make a Manhattan?
DC: You never shake it! you only stir it. that’s important. It’s whisky, sweet vermouth, you can put bitters in but I don’t and you stir it and strain it. Everybody shakes it, you never shake it!

TW: Best tippers? tourists or locals?
DC: Locals! for sure. My happy hour crowd is always locals and that’s where I make the most money

TW: If you could make a drink for three people, who would they be?
DC: Probably Kim Kardashian, a president…

TW: This president?
DC: Just a president.

TW: You don’t care which one?
DC: No… and probably Kendall Jenner.

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