Aug 142016

Staff Chat

 Locally Made, with MV Soul:

MadeMV Delivers Efforts of Local Artists  to the Interested Consumer

Bianca Moorman

Where in the world can you find locally made coffee, candles, and fish scale jewelry, all in one place? Look no further than Made MV. The Circuit Avenue storefront in Oak Bluffs has it all for those creative souls out there looking for pieces made by many local artists.  This Week had a chance to chat with Ivan, a salesman at MadeMV.

This Week: Can you tell me a little bit about Made MV?

Ivan: Yes, everything is island made and everything is made by the local artists. The artists display their stuff here and as you can see, we have a huge variety of stuff that people can get.

TW: How long has Made MV been in business and where was it located originally?

Ivan: This is its second year on the island, but at a different location. I know last year it was farther down Circuit Avenue.

TW: What are the most popular items that are sold?

Ivan: I cannot just [pick] one but, the photographs go really fast, the candles and the dress sets for adults and for girls [as well]. The coffee goes fast and the salt does too.

MAdeMVCoffeeTW: So, how do local artists get a chance to sell their products in the store?

Ivan: The way it works is that they contact the owner or sometimes even the salesmen or whoever else is on the shift, talk to them and  [the staff] just gives them a contract. They look through the contract and fill it out. That is usually how it works.

TW: Do you personally have a chance to speak with any of the local artists on the island?

Ivan: Yes, I get to talk to them a lot. Sometimes they come in…to see how things are going, how their stuff is being sold. Sometimes even a random person just comes in and it [is] the first time that he or she has been in the store.

TW: Being a locally owned business, are the items made by and come from local suppliers?

Ivan:  Yes. The earrings are made by Holly, the owner. You have studs, silver earrings with gems, or semi-precious stones. That basically includes all the jewelry and some of it is made with silver. We also have the fish scale jewelry made from real fish scales.

TW: The candles are locally made; so can you tell me more about them?

Ivan: The candles are also made on the island but I don’t know where [on the island] they actually come from.

TW:  Does the business get different products every day?

Ivan: I would not say every day but we get products a week before we put them out.

TW: Can you tell me about how it feels to work for a locally owned business?

Ivan: It feels really good because you are helping someone locally and helping the local people trying to make a living (hopefully) out of it.  It is better than working in a huge chain store. It is a different thing when you meet the artist and you can talk to them. You give them feedback on how the customers feel or react to their products.

TW: Have you received any compliments from customers?

MadeMVjewelryIvan: Exactly, the reaction when people come into the store is like “wow!”  You get the big picture and you get to understand what the artist is trying to say [here].

TW: Since you work at an art store, what is your background in art?

Ivan: I do a lot of photography and a lot of digital art in my free time.

TW: What do you like most about working at Made MV?

Ivan: Wow, that is a real tough question. Most people are curious and they ask you about “where [does] this come from?  Have you talked to the artist?” and mostly people ask those kinds of questions. I like to deal with people, I like making connections with people, that is kind of my thing.  That’s one of the things that I like about working at the store. I learned that there are really no boundaries when it comes to art.

TW: In, your own words, how would you describe art?

Ivan: I would say [it is]expressing your feelings, thoughts and emotions in some form. It doesn’t matter what kind of form, it can be anything like jewelry, photography, etc.

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