Jun 302013

By Hannah Payne

Island Bar and Grill Bartender, Jim SchererTW: Where are you from?
JS: Connecticut

TW: How did you end up on the island?
JS: I came out here 3 years ago with a friend. We loved it, so we ended up staying.

TW: If you had to name a drink after yourself, what would it be called?
JS: The Cold Spoon

TW: What is your favorite color?
JS: Blue

TW: On your days off, which bar on the island do you like to go to?
JS: This place because I drink half off!  Also, it has the best entertainment.

TW: What is the name of your favorite drink?
JS: The Bushwacker

TW: Do you have a hobby that would surprise your customers?
JS: I love board games, especially Risk and Monopoly.  I was actually playing Risk on my phone before you came in. 

TW: What major are you working towards at UConn?
JS: Exercise Science

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