Jun 222013

By Ashley Amato

The_Farm_Institute,_KatamaThe bike paths in Martha’s Vineyard seem to provide endless entertainment when the sun is out and you are prepared for an adventure. I have taken to jumping on a path whenever I see one of the signs marking their presence. My latest leap of faith began in Edgartown when I spotted a path on Katama Road.

A couple of miles later, I landed at The Farm Institute where Argentinian ducks roamed without fencing and plants were sprouting throughout the fields. Out on the dirt road, there is a calm quiet that is only broken by sheep’s voices. On this small island, you can find the biggest sky under which cattle roam and children can discover small-scale farming.

Visit, volunteer, or simply stop by their farm stand located on their property. The farm is such a wonderful place to enjoy the island without the hustle of five-way intersections and one-way way streets.

  One Response to “Calm Air at The Farm Institute”

  1. The Farm institute is great for kids too. We take our kids there all the time and last year they had a couple of outdoor movie nights that were a blast. Hope they do that again.

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