Sep 062012

burke-0912Q: How did you end up on island?
A: One of my friends from school told me to come out here because it was a lot of fun. So I packed up my backpack, rode my bike over the ferry, and went straight into the Nancy’s kitchen and became the best food runner that they have seen in 20 years. That was 3 summers ago and now I am the Bar Manager at Sand Bar and love wearing my fish shirt everyday. On a side note, I did NOT drink my self into this job.

Q: What do you like to drink?
A: I drink Ketel and water with a lemon and lime. Props to my girl Kate Doherty.

Q: What is your favorite drink to serve?
A: If you have ever been to Sand Bar then you know that my face lights up when I get to make MIND ERASERS! And the more the better.

Q: Where do you go on your nights off?
A: When I am not working I like to go to the quiet bars that are the complete opposite of Sand Bar. I like Sidecar, Park Corner Bistro, and Bangkok Cuisine. I am also really into cheese plates right now so any
bar that has a good cheese plate is perfect.

Q: Got a funny bar story?
A: Last summer I was working at the outside bar and Woody Harrelson came in. He was obviously having a fun night and asked me what was good here. So, obviously, I poured him a Mind Eraser. Woody slammed it down like a champ!

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