Jun 302013

The Newes from America Pub Chef Serves It Up in the Kitchen
Meet California-Native Chef Willie Gerardo

By Courtney Taylor

Chef Willie Gerardo, Newes from American Pub in Edgartown

Chef Willie Gerardo

Hailing from California, Chef Willie Gerardo may be a “wash-ashore” to the Vineyard, but his know-how in the kitchen is native to the island. As a chef for The Newes from America Pub, the Kelley House Restaurant in Edgartown, Gerardo has enjoyed creating high-quality pub food for the renowned Colonial establishment.

The Newes is famous for their beer-battered fish and chips and was recently named runner-up to the “Best of the Vineyard 2013” title for the best fish and chips. This will be Gerardo’s third summer preparing creative and delectable dishes at the award-winning pub, where he enjoys spending his time in the fast-paced and friendly environment. Join us as Chef Willie Gerardo shares a few of his island favorites with This Week, and be sure to visit him at The Newes.

CT: What is your favorite dish to make at The Newes?

WG: I enjoy making the daily specials. We serve prime rib every Saturday night and try to incorporate local seafood into most of our specials. My favorite dish to prepare is sautéed scallops with creamy risotto and asparagus.

CT: That sounds delicious. What is your favorite dish to eat?

WG: I really enjoy all seafood dishes. I don’t think I could pick just one.

CT: In that case, it sounds like you are in the right place to eat! How did your career as a chef begin? 

WG: I started as a dishwasher and worked my way up the culinary ladder. I attended culinary school at the Oxnard College of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management in California, but I had been preparing food in a professional atmosphere long before I went to school.

CT: How did you end up on Martha’s Vineyard?

WG: A good friend of mine worked at the Harbor View Hotel as a corporate chef and told me that I needed to learn from the best and experience life on the Vineyard. I followed him out here and have continued to come back every summer since then. 


CT: What do you like most about MV?

WG: I am a pretty shy and quiet guy, so I enjoy the peace of the island. I like to go up-island and admire the scenery, and I often walk to the Edgartown Lighthouse to sit and relax. Anyone who is on the MV should check it out.

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