Jul 032013

wharf restaurant and pub, edgartown ma

As rustic and charming as the Vineyard is in the daytime, many young 20-somethings can be tempted to discount the nightlife due to a perceived lack of options. With the vast majority of stores closing and turning their lights off by 8 p.m., it’s not weird to feel like a night spent indoors with Netflix or Hulu would be a great alternative.

Thankfully, that misconception isn’t as true as some washashores would have you believe. While it’s true that the only nightlife options exist in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, both towns offer enough restaurants and bars to provide plenty of options for a Friday or Saturday night on the town.

For this post, lets take a look at some of the island’s premier DJ’s. Many of these DJ’s play weekly at various clubs, with some even managing multiple nights a week. We all know that sometimes a good DJ can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a party is really “hopping.” The best DJ will have a diverse playlist that has a good mix of crowd-pleasing tunes and interesting new music. It also helps to set the mood on the dancefloor if the DJ has a sense of rhythm and can lay down a few moves when called upon.

DJ D-Dubb 

Claim To Fame: Helps club-goers “get jiggy with it” at Dive Bar’s weekly Jiggy Sundays

Venues Played At: Dive Bar, Lampost

Nights & Events He Plays At: Thursdays (Boasty Thursday), Sundays (Jiggy Sundays)

Pre-Dominent Style: Reggae


DJ Ricky Prime 

Claim To Fame: DJ’ed Seafood Shanty’s “Nerd Party” on June 27th

Venues Played At: Dive Bar, The Wharf

Nights & Events He Plays At: Saturdays (Wharf), Wednesdays (Dive’s “hump day” celebration)

Pre-Dominent Style: Creates a “funky fresh mix” that brings together old school hip-hop, jazz, and electronic funk



Claim To Fame: Has released numerous club singles on the AV8 label, both as a solo artist and as part of the collective State 2 State

Venues Played At: Island House, Seafood Shanty

Nights & Events He Plays At: Fridays (Island House), Saturdays (Seafood)

Pre-Dominent Style: Dance music in favor of remixes and blends


-James Reagan 

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