Aug 252017

by Dirk Leisure

“Most people don’t get to experience the Vineyard this way” stated Steve Cahillane, General Manager of Budget and Avis car rentals as we felt the road below us transform from hard to soft and the scenery change to something both unfamiliar and wonderful at the same time. “It’s a whole different world out here, our beach Jeeps are the doorway to see it” Steve continued.

On a particularly gorgeous August day, as we set out towards Norton Point with models Alexa Toppin and Rose O’Louphlin, Steve had been giving us the inside scoop on how to experience the beach in one of the special off road
Beach Jeeps they rent. Before long, the Dunes opened up and the beaches of Norton Point appeared before us, the waves ebbing and waning so closely you could feel the misty sea spray and taste the salty air. In a matter of minutes, we had left the busy island roads in favor of the one less traveled, and it did make all the difference.

Until recently, this experience had been one reserved for local’s who had permits to access these off road areas. That is until Budget and Avis car rentals got the idea to share the experience with its customers three seasons ago. Since then, people have been able to rent a 2 door or 4 door Jeep by the day or the week, complete with the beach access permits, tire deflating tool and instructions on how to take these vehicles from road to off road and sadly… back again. 

For just $50 more a day you can rent one of the 9 specially outfitted Jeep Willy’s with a permit allowing you to explore both Norton Point and Chappaquiddick’s Cape Poge/Wasque beaches. Coming to the Vineyard is a  hefty vacation investment so why not spend a fraction more to get the full island experience. Budget/Avis is the only rental company that offers this experience.

As the afternoon enjoying the sights and sounds of Norton Point came to an end and we felt the sand beneath us turn back to road, a final stop to refill our tires with air gave us time to reflect on how incredible the day had been and how much we all looked forward to the next trip off the beaten path and into that other world only accessible with
a Beach Jeep from Budget/Avis.

For more information on off road driving on MV visit or call the Beach Access Hotline: 508.627.8390.

Beach Jeep rentals are available at Budget and Avis locations in all towns and for delivery to most Hotels. Call for availability and reservations.

Budget: 508-693-1911
Avis: 508-693-2226

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