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Vineyard Nightlife Guide: 2017 Edition

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Jul 182017

So you’ve come to the Vineyard to relax, do a little shopping, and catch a sunny day at the beach. Now you’re wondering how to begin your night out. Though only Edgartown and Oak Bluffs have late night hotspots, there is enough variety on the island to accommodate an evening out for anyone. This Week’s Nightlife Guide shows you where to find the best views, cocktails, and live music on Martha’s Vineyard. Best of all, each town’s destinations are within walking distance of one another allowing you to save your money for that cab fare at the End of the night. There are many convenient taxi companies on the island and as always we suggest that if you have been drinking: Don’t Drive.


Sometimes you step off the late boat and simply don’t want to waste any more time before starting your evening. Fortunately, you can leave the ferry and grab a seat at Fishbones without ever taking your eyes off the water. Fishbones offers some of the freshest seafood on the island, no surprise since its backdoor is essentially touching the Oak Bluffs Harbor. You can sit at the waterside Bar and watch the local fishing boats come in with a fresh catch that could make it to your plate before the night is over. Fishbones serves specialty cocktails that are perfect companions for the busy waterfront and on some afternoons you will find live music played just beyond the bar on the bricks. What a way to spend a summer afternoon.

Just up from Fish bones is Coop de Ville which is a local’s favorite place to go especially during sporting events and at sunset. They have a raw bar new this year called the Shuck Shack and some great specials.

A little further down the harbor is The Sand Bar and Grille, literally only a stumble away. The Sand Bar has an outdoor beach patio and one of the best atmospheres on the island. Where else can you dance to the music with sand between your toes and the stars above your head? Their huge outdoor dining area is packed all season with people swaying to the DJs that spin all summer long at the Sand Bar.

While you’re grooving on the dance floor you can peek up to the second floor deck at Nancy’s, your next stop on the harbor! Over 50 years ago Nancy’s started as a small snack bar on the Oak Bluffs waterfront. The snack bar still operates every summer but Nancy’s has expanded around it to become one of the biggest restaurants in Oak Bluffs. With multi-level seating both inside and outside, Nancy’s is a staple of island nightlife. Join the crowds on the deck to toss back frozen drinks with cool ocean breeze across your face.

Or you can go down stairs to Donovan’s Reef and grab a world famous frozen drink and strike up a conversation with Donovan himself.

Up the street from Nancy’s on the famous Circuit Ave. is The Ritz – Martha’s Vineyard, as colorful in history as the island itself. The Ritz has always been known as a hot spot for great live music and it is not unusual to find well known musicians jumping in with the night’s band to play a few tunes. New ownership has has done an amazing job of re establishing the Ritz as a truly legendary place to watch live music. They have a live music list not to be beat. Guaranteed great time at the Ritz.

Next up on Circuit ave on the same side of the street is The Lampost, a three-tiered club with a huge stage and the islands largest dedicated dance floor in the upstairs. On the street level is a bar with pool tables and darts. There is live music playing the afternoons here and on the main stage upstairs later at night. The Lampost might be the best spot on the island to show off your dance moves and its huge floor space makes it a great place to meet the many locals and tourists that crowd through the doors each night of the summer. Another great spot for live music, the Lampost will be pulling DJs and cover bands in from the mainland all season long. The Lampost serves food too so it’s a great place for apre s beach. You can sit on the outdoor deck and watch the busy goings on of Circuit ave below, the food is pub food and we recommend the MeatBall Sandwich. This year the Post plans to sell prepared food at the end of the night to go. Looks like people will be talking on circuit with their mouths full after the bars close this year.

Over on Kennenbeck which is the street parallel to Circuit is a new addition to the area we call “Restaurant Trendy”. 20 by Nine is a Whiskey Bar with an amazing list of the smooth stuff by the glass. There is also a plethora of Craft Beer and “Small Plates” of food to keep the palette fresh. 20 by Nine is a great place for speak easy conversation with an intimate setting and warm décor.

The Look Out Tavern is a mandatory stop while you’re on the island. It is the only bar/restaurant facing the ocean making it a popular spot for locals who come for the great food and to catch a Red Sox game on one of the many TV screens around the bar. Or you can just relax and take in the stunning sweeping views of the ocean and watch the boats as they enter the Harbor. The Look Out has a large menu and also serves Sushi. Recently expanded and renovated there is plenty of space inside and out with a huge deck and even several picnic tables. Stop by The Look Out Tavern and see why the locals love it.

One of the oldest restaurant bars in Oak Bluffs is the Ocean View. Located on the far side of the Oak Bluffs Harbor on the hill. The Ocean View is the latest addition to the Santoro Hospitality Group. The bar has a casual atmosphere with pop corn and a fireplace. Sports legends and memorabilia adorn the walls. The restaurant extends out to include a large dining room. Keep an eye on this place as the new owners are known for throwing great parties and events and even better live music!


If you’re looking for a great place to start your evening we suggest catching the sunset on the upstairs deck at the Seafood Shanty, located on the bottom of Dock Street right on the Harbor. You can take in the beautiful views and a cocktail while enjoying the Shanty’s great selection of fresh seafood and on weekend nights, live entertainment. Downstairs you’ll find a totally renovated dining room and new stunning bar custom made by an island artist. It simply must be seen to take in its beauty. There is plenty of seating, all with amazing water views from new tables and cool large comfortable booths. The Shanty also offer’s an amazing sushi/raw bar. Both floors sport enough plasma screens to catch a game from every corner making the Shanty a difficult nightspot to move on from as it has it all.

But, try the Wharf Pub and Restaurant just down the street on Main. The dark wooden walls elicit the feel of a harbor town pub and restaurant that has been rooted on this spot for almost 80 years! Open year round, the Wharf is a popular nightspot for locals and visitors alike. It features 3 bars in the summer and easily the most popular dance floor in Edgartown. The Wharf features nightly entertainment, live bands and DJs all summer long so make sure you don’t skip this Edgartown favorite. Also, now in its second year is the Wharf Wine & Spirits where you can buy your favorite libations to bring home with you.

Around the corner from the Wharf on North Water St. in the Kelly House Hotel you will find The Newes from America. Stepping in the door you might get the feeling that you have arrived in the pub in a time warp from the olde days when Edgartown was a Whaling community as you are met with ancient beams lining the ceiling and old exposed brick lending itself fully to the experience. The pub is a favorite place to dine but also a good spot for a speakeasy experience with locals and seasoned visitors alike. There is live music on weekends so stay tuned to this paper. New last year they have opened a Pool bar called appropriately Wave Bar just adjacent to the pub at the Kelly House Pool.

Continue up Main Street to the Old Post Office Square behind the Court House and you will find an absolute GEM called Isola which consists of three parts. First is Isola Pizza where some of the best pizza is made. There are killer topping selections and they also serve beer and wine. Second is a quick grab slice or sandwich place . The entrance is on the opposite side conveniently right next to the VTA bus station/Edgartown Visitors center. Lastly is the Italian restaurant which offers amazing upscale Italian fare that might make you speak the language after eating there. The Bar can get quite lively at night with speak easy atmosphere and live music by island solo and duo musicians.

Across the parking lot from Isola is the Edgartown Diner which may not be a bar but they are planning on serving a late night menu starting in July and our guess is that it will feel like a bar once everyone figures out where the only place to mow down late night is. We will see you there on nights we are taking photos.

A short walk up Main Street will take you to The Grill on Main, a great location for a quiet dinner or a few late night cocktails. Formerly of Feast in Chilmark, Chef Antonio Saccoccia has taken his talents into downtown Edgartown and now features fantastic New England cuisine just a short walk from the harbor. The Grille also boasts a wonderful prix fixe menu offering three courses for under $40. The bar is now open late so even if you skip dinner you can still enjoy the Grille’s great atmosphere long into the evening. There is an outdoor patio for dining under the stars and a fire pit that completes this awesome venue.

Meet Your Bartender: Hannah Bauriedel at The Island House

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Jul 182017

Hannah has been bartending for only a month, but she loves everything about it, from working at a fast-paced environment such as the one at the Island House to people-watching at nights. And more: she can make money while still enjoying the Vineyard like she’s been doing since her childhood.

TW: Where are you from?

I’m from Natick, Massachusetts, but I’ve been coming to the island every year since I was little. I live on Chappaquiddick.

TW: How long have you been working here?

I think about a month, maybe a little less.

TW: Is this your first summer working here? Yeah.

TW: Ever worked as a bartender before? Nope.

TW: How has it been so far? It’s been good. I mean, it gets super busy here at night, but I like it so far, it’s a fun job?

TW: What do you like about it?

I like how fast-paced it is at night, like, how the bar is completely packed and there’s four rows of people deep behind the bar stools. I like making drinks, the complexity and how many there are, and how I can twist it to make it a little different.

TW: Do you have a favorite drink to make?

Probably a Mojito or a Kamikaze shot.

TW: Is there a drink you don’t like to make? Probably Lemon Drops because people usually order them at night when it’s super busy and it takes so long to make them, so it’s kind of a hustle.

TW: What’s the best way to get your attention when it’s super busy?

Some people will be kinda rude about it and just order when I’m ordering for someone else… but probably to get my attention, usually people say “Hey, can you take my drink next, I’ll give you a really big tip?”, and that’s usually what gets my attention.

TW: And what don’t you like that people do?

They will either order something super complicated or I’ll be making someone else’s drink and they’ll just blurt out their order without really consulting with me first, or me going up to them. Some people are just.

TW: What do you like about working here at the Island House?

I like the people, I like the staff, they’re super nice. I like where it is, that I can people- watch on the porch. It’s a great atmosphere working here.

TW: You probably see a lot of drunk people. Do you have any stories? Funny things you’ve seen?

Yes. YES!! (laughs). The other day one of my coworkers, a girl literally grabbed her face and tried to kiss her. So that was definitely one. A lot of people will come up and show me fat stacks of hundreds and they tell me like if I’d run away with them… I don’t know. But probably the kissing one was the most funny. I mean, everyone comes in drunk and kind of acts weird (laughs).

TW: What do you do when you’re not working?

I go to the beach, I love the beach. I go sailing a lot up at Gay Head, and that’s about it.

TW: Is that why you like coming here in the summer?

Yeah, I just love the Vineyard. It’s beautiful here.

Music Profiles: Chandler Blues Band to Willy Mason

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Jul 182017

by Nick Macksood

Chandler Blues Band

The Chandler Blues Band somehow unmistakably blends the groovy rhythmical aloofness of Trey Anastasio with the classic buzz saw guitar tone that comes standard with a roadhouse blues band. This is just the kind of music you want to hear in a dimly lit dive bar.

Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish

Vocals that growl like Muddy are the first things you notice from Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish. But backing Hoy’s pipes is a BIG blues tone brought on by Jeremy Berlin on the ivories and Buck Shank on the guitar. Add drummer Chris Anzalone keeping time and collectively Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish might bring the biggest tone on the island. If you close your eyes, you just might think you were somewhere near the Rio Grande…

Crooked Coast

If California gave us Surf-Rock, Crooked Coast spins it with East coast flair. Mellow verses that flirt with reggae and even West coast hip-hop explode into anthem rock choruses with pop punk energy. This is unmistakably summer music and Crooked Coast has managed to bridge East and West together into a unique sound.

Mike Benjamin

It would be easy to classify Mike Benjamin and his group as a wedding band. That is partly true–Benjamin and his band thrive in party settings- -but to say that is all Benjamin can offer would be downright wrong. Their sound ranges from Bill-Clinton- 60th-birthday-party appropriate to acoustic jam sessions at the Ritz. On any given night, you might catch Benjamin backed by a full array of horns or he could be solo. No matter how you see him, the bottom line is that you should. These are talented musicians playing the finest covers around.

The Grateful Dread

Deadheads and Rastafarians rejoice– the Grateful Dread has married reggae with Jerry Garcia’s iconic acid-laced psychedelic jam band. Smooth reggae rhythms and five-minute guitar solos? Yes, we’ll take another dozen oysters please. This is island music if I’ve ever heard it.

Electric Pie

Electric Pie is what you get when you cross Phish with Talking Heads and a pinch of Reel Big Fish. Theirs is an eclectic sound, busy with flying keyboards, a wide range of guitar tones from the fuzzy to the skippy, and above all play with a playful, jamstyle feel to them. Electric Pie is inimitable. Get ready for sounds you’ve never heard before.


DJ AP has been a Vineyard staple since 2009. When the EDM scene was lacking during the island’s summertime squalor, AP Lacovello revitalized the tired old iTunes playlists shuffling around nightclubs with his own blend of mixes mainly inspired by the hip-hop and R&B legends of the 80s and 90s.

1 Night Stand

1 Night Stand is a cover band out of Boston that plays rock hits that span from the 60s to today’s favorite songs. Hitting bars all over Massachusetts, 1 Night Stand’s lineup maintains a busy schedule by vibing off the energy emanating from the crowd on any given night. But they’ve got a penchant for early 2000s pop rock. Expect to hear some Lit, a little Blink 182, maybe some No Doubt. And please advise, there are two types of people in this world: those who acknowledge Gwen Stefani’s chops and then there are stone cold liars.

Willy Mason

Mason might be one of the island’s best-kept secrets. A singer-songwriter who has toured all around the globe and put out three records of his own, Mason makes regular appearances at the Ritz Thursday and Saturday nights. A familiar, yet unique folk style, Mason knows how to grab a crowd’s attention and keep them moving all night long.

Phil DaRosa

Phil DaRosa is one of the island’s biggest connects when it comes to music. One of the founders of the Vineyard Sound Series, DaRosa is not only used to bringing world-class musicians to the island–he’s also a musician of his own. Keep your eyes peeled for DaRosa and friends at the Ritz or other island mainstays, as he is sitting in with other Vineyard legends as often as he’s playing a solo gig.

Anonymous Diner: Menemsha Galley

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Jul 182017

Casual Waterfront Dining at a Reasonable Price

by Antoine Wiley

Situated waterside in the picturesque local harbor, the family-run Menemsha Galley is a dining experience that is getting harder and harder to find: an affordable yet quality seafood joint boasting scenic views of the sea, the energy and casual vibe of counter service and the welcoming feel of a family-run place. I stopped in this week to experience some of their best fare and spoke with the owners.


Often in the kitchen helping to cook up some fresh seafood or out front giving customers their meals, co-owner Frank Fenner has been running the Menemsha Galley since 1999, along with his fellow co-owners wife Merrily and sister Barbara. Barbara, who was trained at the Culinary Institute of America, oversees all of the cooking and personally makes the clam chowder, crab cakes, white bean vegetarian sandwich and other items. Frank, meanwhile, tends to the more business-related matters of the restaurant.

What sets their restaurant apart from other seafood spots on the island, according to Frank, is that “we’re trying to take and serve really quality food for a reasonable price” as part of a shared mission of “doing a quality product, a consistent product” and being “fair and equitable.” When I spoke with Frank, what became most apparent was his outstanding commitment to serving quality food made with ingredients “as fresh as anywhere” for a fair price to the customer.

I put Frank’s commitment to the test. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, the lobster roll and the hot fudge sundae, all of which were true to his philosophy of “quality, basic, simple food.”

The lobster roll featured a roll lightly coated with mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, and huge chunks of lobster meat. The restraint of the mayonnaise spread brought out the inherent tanginess of the lobster and texture of the lettuce, which made for a delightful eating experience. The bacon cheeseburger and the sundae were cut from the same culinary cloth.

The terrific food, together with the immediacy of the scenic waterfront–the seating area is right at the water’s edge–and the friendliness of the owners, made my meal at the Menemsha Galley one of those rare dining experiences where you walk away with your taste buds and wallet giving each other high fives.

Eat Good, Feel Good at Fishbones Bar & Grille

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Jul 172017

Enjoy a Taste of Flavorsome Specialties at Fishbones Bar & Grille

by Madeline Smith

When you have an outstanding view of the Oak Bluffs Harbor, delicious fresh food on your plate and a tropical frozen drink in hand, all seems right. Fishbones Bar and Grille gets it right every time. Conveniently located mere steps from the Hy-Line ferry, Fishbones is an ideal location for visitors waiting to catch a ride home, as well as for those just getting off the boat and craving a savory meal with a true MV vibe. An absolute summer favorite for both locals and newcomers, Fishbones’ offers an atmosphere that is difficult to beat. Everyone gets to sit outside when dining at Fishbones. A large awning hangs over the bar and most of the dining tables for shade. Lively music is always playing. And the food is mouth-watering.

Fishbones Bar & Grille in Oak Bluffs, exterior

You just can’t beat the atmosphere here. –Waitress Mia Benedetto

Fishbones Bar and Grille customers have a multitude of offerings to choose from. Favorites include scrumptious sushi appetizers, fantastic fish tacos, tasty chicken kabobs and much more. The fresh seared ahi tuna starter is topped with edamame beans and rice noodles. The accompanying soy sauce provides a full boost of flavor in every bite.

Landlubbers flock to Fishbone’s famous chicken kabobs. Served with fluffy rice and broccoli stalks on the side, the dish is popular even among seafood enthusiasts. The restaurant’s summer salad bursts with color, textures and tantalizing tastes. Made with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese and a delectable balsamic vinaigrette over hearty spinach leaves, this main dish salad is a crowd pleaser. With a view that cannot be beat and great food, it is easy to get caught up in Fishbones Bar and Grille’s allure.

Music Profile: Second Hand

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Jul 172017

Don’t Be Fooled By the Name. There is Nothing Secondhand About Second Hand

Second Hand BandThis seasoned group of musicians delivers a mix of upbeat surf tunes and hip hop that are perfect for a lively night out. But there is more to the band’s songs. The various mix of melodies instills an optimistic message. Guitarist Mike Benjamin explains that lyrically, the band focuses on themes such as the passage of time and living in the moment, which is exactly what the band wants you to be thinking about when listening to their diverse repertoire.

While the four musicians are recognized professionals, the band is new. The four have only been together since May. It started when Benjamin and Mike Parker were asked to do an opening set. The duo performed so well together that the pair started looking for fellow musician friends to join in and play songs that mixed guitar music and rap, or “loose-groove-hop.” Giulia Casalino and Phil DaRosa quickly signed on.

The four are now having great fun and entertaining crowds every Monday at 9 p.m. at The Ritz in Oak Bluffs.

The songs are all band originals. Benjamin explains the aim is to do something that distinguishes Second Hand from most other groups on the island. “We have an original concept that we’re hoping people enjoy,” he explained. As for the band’s moniker, “You’ll only recognize the songs the second time you see us.” So, you should certainty see them at least twice.

Take a Hike: Menemsha Hills Reservation

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Jul 172017

For a Rejuvenating and Relaxing Experience While Visiting Martha’s Vineyard, Take a Hike

Menemsha Hills trailsThe down island towns of Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven draw visitors by the droves. Yet adventurous guests take the road less traveled and head up island. Many have found that the best way to see this tranquil part of the Vineyard is on foot.

Off the beaten path in peaceful Chilmark, Menemsha Hills’s highlights include 211 acres of wondrous woodlands and rocky beach.

Here you can hike to Prospect Hill, 308 feet in elevation. It is the second highest point on the island, behind only Chilmark’s Peaked Hill at 311 feet.

Menemsha Hills offers one of the longest walks on the Vineyards. The reserve’s Harris Trail loops around low lying wetlands peppered with regal red maple, charismatic cinquefoil, and breathtaking black cherry trees. Trek further on and reach dense bushes and glorious multicolored grasses. Stop and savor the cool breezes blowing from Vineyard Sound.

Take several moments to relish the sensational sight of rocky beaches below and the arresting views of Menemsha Village and the Elizabeth Islands.

In addition to hiking, fishing, picnicking and beaches are part of the reservation’s allure. Allow three hours for a hike through the entire reserve.


The “FEST”

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Jul 172017

August 7th-9th, 14th-16th, 21st-23rd

The Seventh Annual Martha’s Vineyard Comedy Fest presented by HBO, Ebony and Comcast NBC Universal once again brings laughs to the island during the month of August.

The MV Comedy Fest has quickly become a favorite island tradition. Organized by Knock-Knock Productions of Chicago, the “Fest” brings the most talented stand-up comics and entertainers for a must-see show celebrating African-American heritage and history.

Shows will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night during the weeks of August 7, August 14 and August 21. The location is Lola’s, 15 Island Inn Road, Oak Bluffs.

This year, the “Fest” has created a dinner package that can be purchased with tickets. The dinner package includes appetizer, entrée and dessert. Offerings include Gumbo, Clam Chowder, Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles, BBQ Shrimp, Grits, Mango Glazed Atlantic Salmon and sensational desserts.

Tickets sell out quickly, so act fact. Buy tickets for the comedy shows and dinner package at

Participating at this year’s event is funny man Jeremiah (J.J.) Williamson. J.J. is one of the most sought after rising stars in the industry today through his tenacity and willingness to perpetuate his talent to its highest level of excellence. J.J. is rapidly becoming nationally known and requested for both his comedy and acting abilities.

Having worked with comedy giants such as Chris Tucker, D.L. Hughley, Rickey Smiley and Bruce Bruce, J.J. is currently electrifying the stages across the country as the opening act of Cedric “The Entertainer.”

J.J. has performed via the television circuit on “The Monique Show,”,“Russell Simmons HBO Def Comedy Jam,” “Comedy Central,” “Showtime at the Apollo” and “BET Comicview”. In 2000, J.J. earned his status among the comedy elite by winning the Bay Area Comedy Competition in Oakland, California.

Proving his versatility and stage presence enabled J.J. the opportunity to debut on the “Big Screen” as Cousin Bowdie in the 2004 Blockbuster Film “Johnson Family Vacation.” He co-starred in the film with such actors as Cedric “The Entertainer,” Vanessa Williams, Steve Harvey, Bow-Wow and the list goes on.

Jeremiah launched his career in a spectacular manner and continues to escalate to the next level. J.J. and his sayings “Az-U-Should” and “I Pre-C-8 Dees Few Giggles Ya’ll Givin A Brotha” have become well known and well received by audiences both young and old. There is always at least one person in the audience that walks away mimicking his frequently gratuitous statement, “I Pre-C-8 Dees Few Giggles Ya’ll Givin A Brotha.” That statement alone, along with his ability to keep it real, has his audiences always wanting to come back for more laughs. Once J.J.’s realism gets you laughing, all you want is more. ”Az-U-Should.”

J.J. took a few minutes for a quick Q&A with This Week on Martha’s Vineyard.

Q. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

A. I would be the color “Chocolate” because I am!

Q. We finish the interview and you step outside and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

A. I would make sure that everyone in my family was financial secure and that all my children’s education would be paid for.

Q. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

A. My next joke and how I can continue to keep a smile on people’s faces

Q. What’s your favorite music jam?

A. “Don’t Be Afraid” by Aaron Hall and “Shonuff” by Tila.

Q. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

A. I would be a lion and I would rule all the other animals.

Q. What was the last gift you gave someone?

A. I bought my assistant/manager some beaded bracelet’s back from Korea.

Q. What were you like in high school?

A. I was a class clown. That is how I knew I wanted to be a comedian.

Q. What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

A. ESPN, because I love sports!

Q. Any advice for your previous boss?

A. Yeah. Now he can come work for me!

Q. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A. I was on my phone while I was looking for my phone!

Q. If you were going to make fun of something unique to MV, what would it be?

A. That I don’t know anybody Black that has ever been in Martha’s Vineyard!

Activity Profile: Come On In, The Water’s Fine!

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Jul 172017

Take a Paddle and Join Island Spirit Kayak for an Awesome Adventure

by Madeline Smith

Vineyard paddleboardingWant a good sweat via an exciting nautical experience? If you are not afraid of a good workout and getting a little wet, join the crew of Island Spirit Kayak for a kayak or paddle board tour.

Conveniently located across from the Vineyard’s very popular State Beach, Island Spirit is always buzzing with activity. Housed in a small yellow and blue shack with the large Island Spirit name written across a sign, Island Spirit Kayak is unassuming and welcoming. Friendly and family oriented, the family run business cares deeply about its customers. Safety is always a top priority.

“I’ve known Chick pretty much my whole life, and we get treated like we are family which is what I love about working here,” tour guide Joe Cosgrove said about owner Chick (Carolyn) Stapleton.

Island Spirit Kayak offers a number of adventurous options. Before every adventure, tour guides share a quick information session on how to hold a paddle, how to maneuver through the water while in a kayak or on a paddle board, and other important information to ensure a fun and safe outing.

Kayak tours run $65 for adults and $45 for children. Whilst on the tours, guides will leisurely take you around to see exciting views of island life and animal sanctuaries that surround the shore. Tours are held daily at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and sunset.

Try a paddle board tour for an extra challenging adventures. Paddle board tours are offered daily at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and sunset for $55.
Get Zen and let out your inner yogi with paddle board yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Work on your balance, bravery and breath with these unique classes.

Thrill seekers will surely want to try Island Spirit’s signature Full Moon tour. LED lights are hooked to the bottom of kayaks and paddle boards and light up the water as you paddle through Oak Bluffs Harbor. Schools of fish can be seen following your every move as you wade through the ocean.

From a relaxing workout underneath the shining sun to an exciting night-time paddle with lights, visit Island Spirit Kayak.

Whatever Sterling Silver: Long-Standing Vineyard Favorite

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Jul 172017

by Courtney Taylor

Beautiful silver necklaces and cuff-link bracelets reflect the rays of sunlight from the large shop windows of Whatever Sterling as the glimmering shiny jewelry sits on display. Located at the bottom of Main Street in Edgartown, Whatever Sterling offers a fine collection of handmade and hand-selected solid sterling silver jewelry, each piece purchased by the owners for their unique and beautiful designs.

Owners Marc and Heidi Glasser have been in the silver business for twenty six years, twenty of which have been spent on Martha’s Vineyard. Marc travels extensively in search of the highest quality solid silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. His large selections of silver chains are imported from Italy. The delicate designs of the necklaces are also on display throughout the shop. He selects each handmade piece in the off season and prides himself on personally knowing each designer.

“I am always on the lookout for a rising designer. My returning clientele are interested in unique designs, pieces that are outside of the ‘Vineyard box,’” Glasser said.

In addition to being the owner, Glasser has also designed several pieces himself. Each piece of jewelry sold at Whatever Sterling offers a story: Each design reflects his individual style and personality in their shiny pieces of art.

Though the jewelry does not always mirror the latest fashion trends, Glasser insists that the point of his designs are to offer something unique for everyone. Cuffs, necklaces, rings – the designs are timeless. Each piece of jewelry represents both the owner and his or her memorable experience on the Vineyard.

Visit Marc and Heidi at their store in Edgartown, located near the harbor, or stop by the Glasser’s vintage pushcarts on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. The selection for sterling silver is wide, and, for those interested in less expensive jewelry, Whatever Sterling also sells fun and trendy costume jewelry at their Vineyard Haven location. Enjoy a visit with the friendly and fascinating owners as you pick out a new silver piece to add to your own Martha’s Vineyard collection.