Jul 122013


This is for all of my fellow bookworms.   For the last month, I’ve had numerous people recommend that I read Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.  I was skeptical at first for I’ve never been too fond of war stories; however, the reviews were phenomenal, and I finally gave in.  Unbroken is the biography of Olympic athlete and World War II hero, Louis Zamperini.  His story is absolutely fascinating, and at times, quite hard to believe.  As Zamperini parts with his dreams of running in the 1940 Olympics, he begins a new path in life as an Air Force Lieutenant in the center of WWII.



As for paradise, I encourage you to check out Edgartown’s latest coffee shop, btb (behind the bookstore).  Located behind Edgartown Books on Main Street, btb is a little slice of heaven.  The landscape is stunning, and the seating space is covered, offering a shady sanctuary.  Sip on an iced coffee, and lose track of time while reading and delighting in the Vineyard’s hidden beauty.


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  1. I also LOVED the book “Unbroken”. What a fascinating life he led, and Laura H. is an amazing writer!

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